Hands-Off Multiple E.S.P. System by Neil Tobin: I Knew You Would Like It

I recently was looking for some really good ESP testing cards.  I was fortunate to stumble across the cards recently released by Neil Tobin as part of his E.S.P. System.  No, they don’t have bicycle backs.  They do have, however, backs and fronts that look like they were once used in an ESP testing lap.  I wanted authentic looking cards, and that’s what I received.

Are they marked?  Yes.  Are the markings subtle yet readable?  Yes.  Are they one-way backs?  Yes.  The colored cards are even marked for their colors as well.  By the way, before reading the instructions I tried to figure out what the marking system is.  I noticed some differences in the cards, but I could not figure out the system.  It’s that good.

You also get a double backer, a double facer, and a few cards with all the symbols on them. Plus there’s the PDF you receive with plenty of ideas on how to use the cards.  For example, you’re shown how to construct a pocket index (in case you don’t have a multiple out wallet).  There’s also a routine with multiple possible outcomes.  And at the end of the PDF is a list of various resources for more ESP effects.

Highly recommended!



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