Carnie Elite Tarot: elite cards to scare the crap out of people

If you’re looking for some tarot cards that scream, “We were used in a 1930’s carnival by a old witch-like fortune teller!” then this is your deck.   Can you shuffle them?  Not really. Are they great for sleights?  No.  But do they look and feel ancient?  Yes!  And they’re marked!  No, not as readers, but still marked.  So far they’re the easiest tarot marks to read that I’ve come across — much easier to decipher than another marked tarot deck I have.

The only downside to the cards (besides that face that you can’t really do sleights with them due to their thickness) is that they have a sleight odor to them from the aging process.  They’re also kind of a fine grey powder(?) of sorts that comes off on your hands the first time or two you use the cards.  Again, it’s from the artificial aging process.  But oh, how it’s worth it!  You will love these thick, authentic, scary(!) tarot cards.  If I were still doing readings it’s the only deck I would use.

Speaking of thickness, they’re not particularly good for walk-around readings.  The deck (unless you’re just using the major arcana) is just too think to fit in your pocket.  But for a show or for readings done at a table these are unquestionably the BEST.

Highest recommendation!

Get them here (when they’re in stock again).





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