It’s Hard to Err with the Heirloom Wallet Deluxe Edition

418hWSMsdtLEvery mentalist needs a multiple out solution for certain tricks.  Whether it’s Kolossal Killer, predicting someone’s astrological sign, or another prediction effect, haven’t multiple outs is critical.   And this wallet is fantastic for that purpose.  It has eight pockets on each end, so you have at least 16 pre-designed outs.  Realistically, however, you could put more into the wallet to have around 20 outs.  And that’s just counting what goes into the hidden sections.  Because yes, after you pull out your prediction, you can show that your wallet is empty(!) and therefore contains no other predictions!  This is what really sets the Heirloom Deluxe wallet apart from the competition.  Is it a peek wallet?  No.  Does it have magnets?  No.  Is it designed for loading in card-to-wallet effects?  No.  But dang, if you need multiple outs that leave you clean afterwards, this is the wallet.  I use it as my everyday wallet and love it.  Holds up well and can even be used to switch bills if you’re doing a serial number prediction or similar effect.  Highly recommended.

Available from Penguin Magic


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