Run with DMC Elites: the best marked deck ever

DMC Elites: Rouge are currently the best marked deck available.  How would I know?  Well, just as there are caviar connoisseurs and avocado aficionados, there are marked card mavens.  And I’m one of them.  I love marked cards and use them exclusively.  Fournier marked deck?  I own it.  Ultimate Marked Deck?  Yep, I have that one, too.  I even have marked Tarot decks.  But trust me: nothing is easier to read (while still being invisible to your spectators) like the DMC Elites.  I’ve had a spectator familiar with Deland decks burn these cards and still come up empty.  The marks are invisible unless you know where to look, and then they just jump out at you.  Visible easily at arm’s length or even farther away than that.  A few feet away or more.

One of the “secrets” of working with marked cards is to avoid staring at the backs(!).  And that’s the problem: many decks have marks so small or cryptic that you need to stare for a moment to decipher the marks.  But not with DMC Elites.  You’ll see the marks so fast and easily that you won’t have to worry about getting caught glancing or staring.

Card quality?  The cards are very good quality — basically the same as Bicycle cards.  No worries there.  I’m not a faro guy, so I can’t comment on how well they faro, waterfall, spring at arm’s length, etc.  But they feel fine and do what I need them to do.  No problems with standard riffle shuffles, overhand shuffles, one-handed cuts, and other typical moves.

Unlike the Black/Gold DMC Elites (which I also have), this deck has standard faces.  Further, there’s an extra mark so that you can see in the spread the suit of each card.  The 10’s are also easier to read now.

Should these be priced even higher than 20 bucks per deck?  Yes.  They’re that good.  Let’s hope Phill Smith, the designer of the deck, also releases some ESP cards with similar markings.  This deck is stellar.

Available from several sources, include Amazon:





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