The babble on Babel: it’s fantastic!

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to perform a book test, look no further than Babel by Vincent Hedan.  This is a review of the single-book edition, and it holds plenty of mystifying mind reading magic.   The spectator can simply read a few words at the top of a page, and you can instantly tell him which page he’s on, which chapter it’s in, whether it’s the start or end of a chapter, how many paragraphs are on the page, how many lines are in each paragraph(!), and more.  Have the spectator pick out a word on the page, and you can divine the word.  And you can tell him which line it’s on.  Just amazing stuff.

Is there memory work involved?  Yes.  If you wish to perform all that this book test has to offer (i.e., a lot), then you’ll need to do some memory work.  But that’s the good news: you can just use this book test as an updated MOABT if you wish.  Or you can just utilize the Flashback principle that Babel includes.  In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll include all of the book’s offerings in a single performance: there are just too many.  But if you don’t mind putting in a bit of work, it’s a fantastic book test that is akin to MOABT on steroids.

How examinable is the book?  Well, you wouldn’t want someone to study it overnight or anything.  🙂  I’ve had it withstand a cursory examination without any problems.  There are of course some key words repeated that might alert the astute observer, but proper audience management should preclude such scrutiny.

The single book version of Babel is available via Amazon and other sources: –




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