Heirloom Redux by Mark Elsdon: You Can’t Err With This Redux

While there are several different incarnations of Kenton Knepper’s classic Kolossal Killer, one in particular reigns supreme: Heirloom Redux by Mark Elsdon.  It requires only 4 cards in your wallet, and its equivoke is entirely consistent: you don’t confusingly alternate between eliminating and keeping cards during the selection process.   And with so few cards […]

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Steel: Solid and to the Point

Nail bending (but not nail biting, aka onychophagy) has been a staple of mentalists in recent years.  While spoon bending can be highly impressive when presented well, nail bending is mentalism on a different order.  Richard Osterlind, for instance, shows how to bend nails in at least one of his videos.  But the approach used […]

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